What to pack for a beach holiday

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

It can be tricky to work out exactly what to pack for a holiday, especially when you have more than one person to worry about! You have the challenge of wanting to be comfy and stylish but also needing to pack light, making it easier to tote everything around (and saving some room for shopping)! 

Our trick is to break the holiday up into easy-to-manage chunks so you can be sure you’ve covered all your bases:

-    First things first, get your swimmers and don’t forget to pack a rashie because that sun will sting!
-    Pick a beach cover up that is light, as you want it to be cool and avoid it sticking to sunscreen. This will be essential for when you’re walking to the pool or need to throw something on to go order at the bar!
-    You’ll always need a hat, especially if your plans involve more lounging than swimming.
-    Towel, sunnies, magazine, keys, phone… it all adds up to a handful so do yourself a favour and grab a beach tote to make the pool trip that much easier. Mooleii totes are waterproof and have the added bonus of being easy to fold up requiring minimal space in the suitcase!
-    A small cosmetic clutch is going to be your best friend to grab and go each day. Make sure it has a waterproof lining – to avoid sunscreen leaks in your bag!
-    Lastly, you’re going to need some sandals. The Rose Crossover Slides easily slip on your feet but also have a comfy sole if you want to go for a long walk.

Above: Small Red Triangle Mooleii Tote, Beige Braided Fedora Hat, Rose Gold Crossover Leather Slides, Blue and White Geometric Jaipur Clutch, Azure Resort Tunic Dress

-    For your daily run around, you will need a few dresses that are light and loose to keep you cool. Be careful when choosing a short length if you’re expecting to be jumping out of taxis or climbing into boats!
-    Once again, easy sandals are ideal but this time something with an ankle strap is preferable if you’re planning a long day of exploring. A pair of nude Patricio’s are perfect for this and the neutral tone can be paired with a whole variety of looks!
-    If your day trip is tours and museums, a mid-sized crossover bag is your best option as it can’t be left behind and is a lot easier to protect. However, if you are looking to enjoy a day on the water, bring a beach tote to hang onto all those togs and towels, and keep them separate from electronics.
-    A lightweight Turkish towel is great for a domestic holiday as they roll up to be quite compact and can also serve as picnic blankets.

Above: Tan Las Vegas Leather Bag, Beige Braided Fedora Hat, Nude Leather Patricio Sandals, Marine Mosaic Shift Dress, Navy Dot Off-Shoulder Dress, Blue Diamond Kirilly Shift Dress, Peach Stripe Tee Dress

-    Pack one really dressy look for that special night out. Our recommendation is a light silk kaftan or maxi dress. Add some glitzy sandals and a matching clutch to instantly make your night glamorous!
-    The clutch and sandals will work back with other outfits to dress them up for dinner. A clutch for night is important as you will want something small to carry your keys and lippy to the bar or dinner. If you can, choose one with a wristlet to prevent it from being left behind in a cab or on the dinner table!
-    One long gold or silver necklace will be easy to throw on and will instantly dress your look up for dinner. Keep the style simple so that it can match multiple dresses.
-    A classic black dress is not only perfect for creating a second night-out look but can also be worn casually during the day and will match any accessory.

Above: Silver Leather Leonie Clutch, Black Straight Tee Dress, Silver Conjeo Sandals, Ring and Metal Teardrop Necklace, Beaten Gold Waterfall Earrings, Soft Aged Gold Zip Clutch, Rose Laguna Leaf Sandals, Gold Cutout Cuff, Peacock Dream Short Silk Kaftan


-    Comfort is key and this is never more important than when you are on a plane. Again, those loose fitting dresses make life easier, as do comfy-soled sandals.
-    Pop on a light scarf that can double as a shawl for added warmth. A lightweight scarf can also easily be turned into sun cover for the beach or a sarong, so have fun with prints and colour.
-    Bring out the cross body bag to carry all the phones, wallets and passports safely.
-    This allows you to have a separate carry on tote to hold any entertainment that you and the family need for the long haul.

Above: Tan Las Vegas Leather Bag, Yellow Concrete Scarf, Nude Leather Patricio Sandals, Grey Marle Batwing T-Shirt Dress

What holiday looks have you put together for warm weather?
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Season Finale- Nina Watch

Thursday, 15 September 2016

It might be cheesy but I definitely got some warm fuzzy feelings towards the end of that episode. Maybe not so many as in past season finales but I definitely can’t complain about the way it wound up! Was anyone else slightly surprised/alarmed by that morning after end shot?!

I was also terrified that the season was going to end with a stillborn baby and that was something I was not ready for on my Wednesday night (even if I had nachos to help me feel better). Through all this we got to lay our eyes on some premium end of season ‘Nina Proudman’ style and indulged in the last hit until next season (that’s happening right?):

Air of Change
This is a classic Nina workday look of comfy blue culottes, a stripey tee, knee high boots and a belt at the waist. I love how clean this look is despite being a mix of boho and modern styles. Nina also has my favouite type of accessory on: rose. A solid bangle, small pendant necklace and embellished drop earrings make her work look sparkle!

Second Chance Chic
I was so happy when Nina got that second chance date (not that I quite think she deserved it since she is totally a walking drama magnet) and I was interested to see her in all black since the funeral at the start of the season had a no-black mandate. Here Nina wears a spotty sheer blouse, tan waist belt, black midi skirt and a simple silver bar necklace. Again we see her knee high tan boots, a bit disappointing that she couldn’t have gone for something a bit more delicate and cute!

Party In The Park
How can she look fabulous even while delivering a baby?! That cream blouse has a gorgeous V form but what really sold me were those sleeves! It looks Nina has paired this with a lacy cami underneath, a pair of worn denim jeans and her classic knee high boots. On the accessory front we have gold drop earrings and layers of gold necklaces including a rose quartz pendant, matched well with a cream/pink/purple light printed scarf.

How have you recreated your favourite Offspring looks?

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Episode 9- Nina Watch

Thursday, 8 September 2016

One of my favourite things about watching Offspring is pausing to get a picture and landing on someone’s crazy face:

That being said, the drama is also such a treat! There was a lot of heartbreak at the end of this week’s episode as we waved goodbye to future Patrick babies, Billie’s special family and Zara’s sanity (Angus?! That is just gross). Lucky we were treated with a few gorgeous looks from Nina to ease our loss:

Big News Day
We are loving the gorgeous mix of tones in this comfy look and I am so jealous of that green leather sling bag! A pink knit top paired a with loose but well-shaped green/print pant is perfect for any weather. This colour palette also looks gorgeous with a pair of tan shoes and some simple rose accessories. Just for something different, we see Nina wearing a pairing of large, dark stone earrings that add a little edge to her look!

Dinner Drama
That beautiful black and red embroidered top has returned to make me drool along with a tan suede maxi skirt (imagine spilling sauce on that!). Accompanying this look are some beautiful gold drop earrings, a simple bar necklace and a big tote that is necessary for those of us who insist on taking at least two bottles of wine to a housewarming. This is all a classic Nina Proudman look although I don’t know if it’s very practical as a mum!

How have you recreated your favourite Offspring looks?

Show us how you’ve been inspired by her style by tagging us on Instagram (@bluebungalow).


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